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Paymate OnTheGo FAQs

I have a phone and a tablet. Can I swap the Card Reader between them?

Yes you can if the devices have both previously been paired via Bluetooth. The best way to deal with the syncing of different phones is not to pair again each time but to use the “select device” option. Follow these steps to change devices:

  • Set Bluetooth to On on the phone or tablet that you wish to change to be connected with the Card Reader
  • On the Card Reader, select F for function and enter your manager password , Then select 2 for terminal, then 5 for Bluetooth and then 2 for Device Pair and then 3 for Select Device.
  • Select the device that you wish to use from the list.
  • A pin number will appear momentarily then will move to the Device successfully paired

The phone or tablet will then be pair with the iCMP. Be patient as the syncing can take a few moments.

In what countries is Paymate OnTheGo available?

Paymate OnTheGo is designed and tested for use in Australia only.

While Paymate OnTheGo can work overseas in principle (for processing AUD into an Australian bank account), there are many network and technical parameters out of our control that may affect the service.

Can I use more than one Card Reader with my Paymate OnTheGo account?

Yes, up to 50 Card Readers can be used under one Paymate OnTheGo account. These are referred to as “sub-merchants”

How can I order additional Card Reader?

To order additional Card Reader, please call Paymate OnTheGo Customer Service team on 1800 248 934 (toll free). Our Customer Service team is available Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm (Sydney local time)

How will I be able to identify the transaction details for the sub-merchants?

The reporting shows the activity details for all of your sub-merchants. This is available at

What are the fees for adding additional card readers (sub merchants) to my account?

Please refer to our Fees page for details

Are there any business types you don't accept?

There are certain areas or industries that are deemed unacceptable because of Bank and Card Scheme rules and restrictions. In most cases this is due to the business category being susceptible to high levels of charge backs and/or fraudulent card activity.

You can see the complete list here

The Card Reader is asking me for my Managers Password, what is this?

It’s a 6 digit number that came with your card reader when it was delivered.
We typically set this as the telephone area code for the state where you live,
followed by the year of your birth.

For example if you live in NSW and where born in 1980, the password will be
021980. If you see the message “Invalid Password” Please contact us

How do I process a Refund?

You will need to contact Paymate on 1800 248 934 and have the following information to hand:

  • Transaction Number
  • Credit Card Number
  • Card Expiry Date
  • Amount to be Refunded

What card types can the reader accept?

  • Visa Credit and Debit Cards
  • Mastercard Credit and Debit cards
  • EFTPOS cards

The Paymate App is asking for my Username to login- where can I find this?

This is the username you entered during registration, if you cannot remember your username, it will be at the bottom of your welcome email. Search “paymateonthego” in your email and look for the email titled “Welcome”

If you are still having trouble finding it, please contact us on 1800 248 934

The card reader is displaying “Alert Irruption Error”?

This means the card reader thinks it has been tampered with, and can no
longer be used. Please contact us on 1800 248 934

What devices and Operating systems will Paymate OnTheGo work with?

Apple Devices (iPhone and iPad):
Operating Systems:

  • iOS 7
  • iOS 8
  • iOS 9

Android Devices (Smartphones and Tablets):
Operating Systems:

  • Android 4 (Ice Cream)
  • Android 5 (Lollipop)
  • Android 6 (Mashmallow)

How do I resend my customers email receipts?

From your Paymate OnTheGo app you can resend receipts from the past 30 days transactions.
In the main menu select Settings in the top left corner. Then select Transaction History. Locate the transaction you would like to resend a receipt for and select it.
You will then be given the option to send a receipt by clicking on Send Receipt. The select Issue E-mail Receipt and the enter the customer’s email address then select Continue.
A receipt will be emailed to the address provided. You can also view the Paper receipt from here.

What do I do if my recent transactions have all been declined?

Please contact Paymate OnTheGo Customer Service on 1800 248 934 (toll free) immediately with the dates, times, the dollar amounts of each charge and the decline codes/messages if available.

We can look up the charges and find out why the transactions are being declined. Our Customer Service team is available Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm (Sydney local time)

Still can't find what you're looking for?

Be sure to check our User Guides which include step by step instructions and advanced troubleshooting.

Call the Paymate OnTheGo Customer Service team on 1800 248 934. Our local, expert Customer Service team is available Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm (Sydney local time)

Alternatively email us at [email protected]