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Paymate Sentinel API

The Paymate Sentinal API is suited to merchants who have a web developer or themselves are competent in coding. Processing a transaction via API allows the customer to make a purchase from your website without any redirection to external payment pages that results in a seamless shopping experience but also gives you full control over the look and feel of the payment process.

Our API is a simple and secure method to process credit card payment through the Internet. By sending HTTPS POST request with minimal transaction information to the Paymate server, a merchant can utilise Paymate’s payment processing and fraud prevention service to authorise a credit card payment.

PCI DSS Compliance Requirements

A merchant needs to apply for Paymate Sentinel service and it requires approval and set up by Paymate staff prior to implementation. A merchant is responsible for all development and security required to post the request and handle the response. This includes being PCI DSS compliant and maintaining compliance.

PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards and is essentially a strict set of rules that governs how merchants (you) payment processors (us) and the banks all handle sensitive card information. You can learn more about PCI DSS by visiting the official PCI website here.

Please contact us to accept the commercial arrangements for the API developer guide. If you are a developer considering Paymate Sentinel for a client, please have them contact us to agree terms prior to commencing development.