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Website Integration


You can integrate Paymate with your ecommerce platform in several different ways;

Standard HTML Integration
See below for input / output parameter specifications

3rd Party Shopping Carts
You can use one of our supported third party shopping carts. See a list of them here

Paymate Express Button(s) Generator
Ideal for those unfamiliar with coding/ integration, you can use our easy to use payment button generator to create code for you to embed in your site. You can create payment buttons for each item you sell.
Without additional parameters (see below) The default buttons will only specify an amount to be paid.

Paymate Shopping Cart
Our simple, lightweight Paymate shopping cart that includes item description, price and shipping options/ costs using our HTML generator.

Standard HTML Integration

Below you will find:

  • Additional input parameters that you can use to improve the shopping experience for your buyer.
  • Output parameters that Paymate will return to a nominated URL so you can take actions accordingly.

You will require a degree of technical expertise to implement these integration approaches successfully. Paymate cannot provide support for you to integrate your website with Paymate. We recommend you engage a qualified Web Developer who is able to implement this integration.

Parameter Name
Parameter Description
amt The payment amount
amt_editable (1) Indicate if payment amount is editable or not
currency (2) The currency code of the payment amount.
ref A seller reference number for a transaction
pmt_sender_email The buyer’s email address
pmt_contact_firstname The buyer’s first name
pmt_contact_surname The buyer’s surname
pmt_contact_phone (3) The buyer’s phone number
pmt_country The buyer’s country.
regindi_state The buyer’s state.
regindi_address1 The first address line of the buyer’s address
regindi_address2 The second address line of the buyer’s address
regindi_sub The suburb of the buyer’s address
regindi_pcode The postcode of the buyer’s address
return (4) A fully-qualified (eg: URL to which Paymate will redirect the buyer. This redirect will occur when they click the continue button on the receipt page of the Express Payment wizard.
popup (5) Indicate if your website has opened Paymate Express in a new window. Must be either true or false, default is true. If this value is true, the Paymate Express window will close before displaying the ‘return’ URL in the browser window which opened Paymate Express. If this value is false, the ‘return’ URL will be displayed in the same window as Paymate Express.

(1) Acceptable values for amount editable are: Y – editable N – not editable .

(2) Existing websites which previously specified the currency as ‘curr’ will continue to function, but are encouraged to update their links to pass this parameter with a name of ‘currency’ as the ‘curr’ parameter may not be supported in the future.

(3) Acceptable characters for phone numbers are: digits 0 through 9 ( ) – + and space. Any phone numbers which contain invalid characters will not be prepopulated.

(4) This URL must be able to handle POST requests. Depending on your website host, redirecting to static pages (eg URLs ending with ‘.htm’ or ‘.html’) may not work. Please consult your website host for acceptable pages you can specify for this value.

(5) If you are specifying false for this parameter, please ensure that the target of your link/form is “_top” so that the security padlock is displayed in the browser’s status bar. This is particularly relevant to websites using framesets, as the security padlock may not be displayed when a secure page is displayed within a non-secured frameset.


  • Acceptable values to specify for the currency parameter are “AUD” , “USD” “EUR” “GBP” and “NZD”. If this parameter is not specified, or is invalid, the default currency code is AUD.
  • Please check acceptable values to specify for the country parameters list . If this parameter is not specified, or is invalid, please select the country.
  • Please ensure that the return URL (if specified) is a complete URL, otherwise your website will not receive the payment response information.
  • The seller reference number supplied to Paymate Express should be unique. This will assist:
    • you in identifying individual payments
    • your shopping cart or website to function correctly when processing more than one payment at a time


To create a link for a USD 100.00 Paymate Express payment to a seller with a username of ‘demonstration’, you would change the url variable from:


Protected Fields

When posting information from your shopping cart or website to the Paymate Express payment page, certain fields are “locked”, making them uneditable by the person making the payment. These fields are as follows:

  • Payment Amount
  • Currency

By protecting these fields, you can be assured that the payment information being processed by Paymate is consistent with your shopping cart or website ordering process.

Output Parameters

If you have nominated a return URL in your post of information to the Paymate Express page, the following values are returned to your shopping cart / website once the payment is complete:

Parameter Name Parameter Description
transactionID The unique, 11 digit, Paymate identifier associated with each payment processed
responseCode An identifier of the state of each transaction – see Response Codes below
paymentAmount The payment amount authorised by the buyer
currency The currency code of the payment (‘AUD’, ‘USD’,’EUR’,’GBP’,’NZD’)
paymentDate The payment date. Format: dd-MMM-yyyy (eg: 01-JAN-2005)
ref The seller reference number either provided to Paymate from a seller’s website, or entered during the payment process.
buyerEmail The email address of the buyer
billingAddress1 The first street address line of the billing address
billingAddress2 The second street address line of the billing address
billingCity The city of the billing address
billingState The state of the billing address
billingCountry The country of the billing address
billingPostcode The postcode of the billing address
billingFirstName The buyer’s first name
billingSurname The buyer’s surname


  • If a buyer makes a payment using the registered Paymate member facility, any address information posted to the Paymate website will be overwritten with address information gathered from the Paymate system

Response Codes

Once the payment process is complete, a response code will be returned with the output parameters listed above. Detailed below is the response code and the meaning.

Response Code Definition Recommended Action
PP Payment processing Await email notification from Paymate prior to organising delivery of purchased items or service
PA Payment approved Proceed with organising delivery of items or provision of service immediately
PD Payment declined Contact buyer to organise another means of payment or discontinue order


  • This response code will only be returned to your shopping cart or website if you have supplied a URL when initiating the payment