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Bank Response Codes

Each time a transaction is processed through the Paymate system to the bank, the bank returns a 2 digit response code which identifies the reason the payment was approved or declined. A full list of response codes is included below.

Code Response Description Result
00 Transaction Approved  
01 Refer to Issuer  X
02 Refer to Issuer, special  X
03 No Merchant  X
04 Pick Up Card  X
05 Do Not Honour  X
06 Error  X
07 Pick Up Card, Special  X
08 Honour With Identification  
09 Request In Progress  X
10 Approved For Partial Amount  
11 Approved, VIP  
12 Invalid Transaction  X
13 Invalid Amount  X
14 Invalid Card Number  X
15 No Issuer  X
16 Approved, Update Track 3  
19 Re-enter Last Transaction  X
21 No Action Taken  X
22 Suspected Malfunction  X
23 Unacceptable Transaction Fee  X
25 Unable to Locate Record On File  X
30 Format Error  X
31 Bank Not Supported By Switch  X
33 Expired Card, Capture  X
34 Suspected Fraud, Retain Card  X
35 Card Acceptor, Contact Acquirer, Retain Card  X
36 Restricted Card, Retain Card  X
37 Contact Acquirer Security Department, Retain Card  X
39 No Credit Account  X
41 Lost Card  X
42 No Universal Account  X
43 Stolen Card  X
51 Insufficient Funds  X
54 Expired Card  X
56 No Card Record  X
57 Function Not Permitted to Cardholder  X
59 Suspected Fraud  X
60 Acceptor Contact Acquirer  X
62 Restricted Card  X
63 Security Violation  X
64 Original Amount Incorrect  X
66 Acceptor Contact Acquirer, Security  X
67 Capture Card  X
82 CVV Validation Error  X
90 Cutoff In Progress  X
91 Card Issuer Unavailable  X
92 Unable To Route Transaction  X
93 Cannot Complete, Violation Of The Law  X
94 Duplicate Transaction  X
96 System Error  X