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Paymate Shopping Cart

Paymate provides a simple Shopping Cart for sellers. To integrate Paymate Shopping Cart with your web site, please refer these instructions.

Please note:

  • You should have registered with Paymate and have a user name. To register click here:
  • Your web browser must allow session cookies in order for you to use the Paymate Shopping Cart.
  • Your browser must be JavaScript-enabled to use this wizard, and
  • The HTML code for your website will not be generated correctly until you have entered all required information.

How it Works
The Paymate Shopping Cart is easy to set up and use.

Using the HTML code generator on this page, you or your website developer can create “Add to Cart” button for each product listed on your website. When a buyer clicks on this button, a new “Paymate Shopping Cart” page will be displayed with details of the product selected.

Your buyer can add or delete products from your website to the Paymate Shopping Cart.

When your buyer has finished shopping, they can click on the “Checkout” button in the Paymate Shopping Cart. This will display the Paymate Express Payment page with order and payment details already entered.

Your buyer can then make an Express Payment by providing credit card and shipping address in a secure manner.When the payments is complete, Paymate will “Post” the details of the order to a nominated URL.

How to set up the Paymate Shopping Cart
To generate the HTML code for each item you sell on your web site, enter the required parameters in the table given in below to display the “Add to Cart” button on your website.

HTML Code Generator Tool for “Add to Cart” & “View Cart”

1. Required: Enter the username you use to log into the Paymate website
2. Optional: Provide a link to your company logo for display
  A fully-qualified (eg: URL
which Paymate will display at the top left corner of the Shopping Cart. The logo dimensions should be less than 280 (width) x 50 (height) pixels.
3. Required: Enter the item name ( e.g. Widget 1). Maximum of 50 characters.This will be displayed in the cart and also returned to your nominated URL as confirmation if ordered.
4. Required: Enter the price of the item (e.g. 100.75) . Do not enter the $ sign.
5. Optional: ITEM Shipping Charge. You can specify a different charge to be appied for EACH item selected in the cart. Enter the shipping charge for the item (e.g. 10.50). Do not enter the $ sign.
6. Optional: ORDER Shipping Charge. You can offer your buyer up to five shipping options. Describe each option (e.g. Australia Post Domestic) and specify the shipping charge for that option (e.g. 5.50). Do not enter the $ sign.
  NOTE: if you select both ITEM SHIPPING and ORDER SHIPPING, both charges will be applied in the cart!
Shipping option 1   Charge 1
Shipping option 2   Charge 2
Shipping option 3   Charge 3
Shipping option 4   Charge 4
Shipping option 5   Charge 5
7. Optional: Enter the currency type ( default is AUD).
8. Optional: Enter the return URL.

A fully-qualified (eg: URL to which Paymate will redirect the buyer. This redirect will occur when they click the continue button on the receipt page of the Shopping cart.

This URL must be able to handle POST requests. Depending on your website host, redirecting to static pages (eg URLs ending with '.htm' or '.html') may not work. Please consult your website host for acceptable pages you can specify for this value.

Paymate will email payment details to both buyer and seller as well as the list of cart items paid for as a list: < item name >,< number units >,< extended price including GST>, etc. These details also display on 'Transaction Details' page in sellers Paymate account.

9. Required: Copy-and-paste the following HTML code into the location you would like the "Add to Cart" button that looks like this to appear:
10. Repeat steps 1 to 7 for each "Add to Cart" button you would like to add to your web page, changing the Product name and price required.      
11. Required: Copy-and-paste the following HTML code into the location you would like the "View Cart" button that looks like this to appear:

Tips & Tricks:

  • To copy and paste the link, right-click the text area above and choose Select All from the menu. Right click again on the selected text and choose Copy from the menu. You can now paste the links to “Add to Cart” and View Cart” into your website.
  • When copying and pasting the link, use a simple text editor (eg: Notepad) to paste the link HTML into your web page. This will ensure that the web page content is saved in the correct format for display via a web browser.
  • Experienced HTML users can create thier own Paymate Shopping Cart payment buttons by modifying the HTML code directly.
  • To view a sample seller page and cart implementation, see :