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Payment Status

To inform both buyer and seller of the status of payments, Paymate provides a transaction status description that is updated as the transaction is processed.

The transaction status is provided in the email notification sent to buyer and seller.

Registered clients can also view the transaction status of any invoice or payment by logging into Paymate.

Transaction Status



Processing The payment has been authorised by the buyer for processing by Paymate. This happens as soon as the buyer submits the ‘Make a Payment’ form This is an indication that the buyer has approved a payment but not a guarantee that the payment will be processed successfully.
Delayed The payment has been delayed as it is being assessed by our risk management team. We will be validating the credit card, the owner of that card and their address before making a decision. Once a decision has been made by our risk experts, the transaction status will change to “processing” if it has been approved or to “Not approved” if it has not passed our security checks.
Paid The payment has been authorised, approved and successfully processed by Paymate and a credit to the seller’s bank account has been submitted to our bank. For payments authorised before 4pm AEST, AU and NZ sellers will get paid the next business day. Both buyer and seller can consider the payment to have been settled and can proceed with the trade as agreed.
Not approved The payment has NOT been successfully processed by Paymate for a variety of reasons. The buyer will be informed of the reason via an email and will need to take action accordingly. Generally, they will have to resubmit a payment. The seller should contact the buyer to resolve the matter. Paymate cannot intervene on behalf of the seller.
Stopped The buyer has requested Paymate to stop processing of an authorised payment. This can happen within 24 hours of the authorisation of the payment and within Paymate’s processing deadlines. The seller should contact the buyer to resolve the matter. Paymate cannot intervene on behalf of the seller